Our mission is to manage properties to the highest standards, while contributing to the local communities in which we operate through our dedication to economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Our values:

  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Service Excellence
  • Community
  • Entrepreneurial


Compass manages properties for landlords across Canada. We support, guide and lead these properties to fulfil the sustainability initiatives and goals of their landlords, tenants, and government requirements.

Of the portfolio of properties we manage:

  • 1,277,424 sq. ft. is BOMA BEST certified or higher
  • 3,683,764 sq. ft. of leases contain Sustainability Clauses
  • 4,591,880 sq. ft. of controllable areas have been retrofitted to LED lighting
  • 190,642 sq. ft. is LEED Gold Certified
  • 1,343,358 sq. ft. is tracked in ENERGYSTAR Portfolio Manager
  • 5,047,728 sq. ft. of properties track water consumption
  • 2,035,803 sq. ft. track natural gas consumption
  • 1,832,369 sq. ft. track waste diversion & hauling


We donated $65,000.00 in 2022 across 37 charitable organizations supporting our communities across the country.

Causes we support:

  • Community Enrichment
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Health & Wellness
  • Social Inclusion
  • Arts & Culture


We uphold a high governance and business ethics standard. Our team are committed to strong governance practices designed to ensure oversight, accountability and integrity.

Some of our Governance Initiatives include:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Ongoing updated cybersecurity training for all staff
  • A Code of Conduct for all staff with annual review and engagement
  • Business model resilience
  • Independent third-party audits
  • Risk management
  • Employee policy and safety training
  • Strong & adaptive policy system

ESG at a Glance

Corporate Volunteer Program
Diversity & Inclusion
Safety Audit

Environment, Social & Governance

At Compass, ESG is something we’ve championed and lived since our company’s inception. In recent years, it’s become a main talking-point in commercial real estate, creating accountability, targets, and reporting requirements, and helping us strengthen and grow these priorities even more.

Our senior management is accountable for the development and implementation of our ESG program with the support of the ESG Steering Committee, which is responsible for the daily management of our ESG Program and ensuring its long-term sustainability.

ESG is a commitment our team takes personally. We continue to grow and adapt, engaging new and diverse perspectives from our staff, our tenants, our landlords, expert consultants, colleagues, and from ever-evolving markets. These principles equip us to navigate success.

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