Commercial Leasing and Sales

Looking for commercial real estate? The brokers at Compass Realty have the experience and professionalism to represent your interests the way you deserve. With sales of commercial properties totalling in excess of $300M, Compass has the experience and knowledge to assist buyers and sellers with their real estate transactions. Recent Compass mandates have been for companies such as GE Capital, Morguard, Kingsett Capital and several local and international investors.

Purchase and sale transactions, when representing the Vendor or the Purchaser in today’s complex business environment, requires an in-depth understanding of the real estate market, knowledge of market trends, detailed understanding of financing requirements, and experience in all aspects of leasing and its impact on value.

In addition, knowledge of the latest financing trends, environmental issues, and construction concerns enable Compass to provide informed opinions during due diligence, in expediting sales and providing a level of comfort to all parties in the sales transaction.

Compass’ continuing success is based on our ability to maximize the sale price of those properties that we list for sale.  Achieving a high sales price requires that Compass minimize the uncertainty a Purchaser encounters when assessing a property for purchase.  Purchaser uncertainty typically translates into increased risk and consequently, a lower selling price for the Vendor.  Knowledge is power – and Compass seeks to provide a Purchaser with all necessary property and market information at the outset.  In this way, a Purchaser can quickly determine their interest level and the potential for an aborted offer is less likely.

Compass cooperates with the marketplace and is broker-friendly, maintaining close contacts with local, regional, and national brokerage firms. Compass has a proven track record of sourcing off-market opportunities for buyers and coordinating due diligence in complex transactions.

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