Alexandra Kelter

Property Manager, Nova Scotia

About Alexandra Kelter

Alex’s first exposure to the world of commercial real estate was with 20 VIC Management Inc. in 2014, when she joined the marketing team for one of Canada’s largest regional shopping centres. As her career developed, she worked on retail and office properties and in leasing, until 20 VIC was purchased by Cushman & Wakefield Asset Management Services in 2017, at which time she began managing a diverse ICI portfolio for Cushman & Wakefield.

Since 2017, Alex has managed real estate portfolios in excess of one million square feet and comprised of industrial, office, strip plaza, big box and mixed-use tenancies, and has continued this work since joining the Compass team in November 2021.

Alex’s business style is built on delivering a high level of service to tenants while working in close communication with her portfolio owners to ensure that their corporate goals and shareholder returns are met or exceeded, including executing initiatives such as GRESB, LEED Certification, Energy Star, ESGs, market studies, increasing asset ROI, dispositions and portfolio growth.

A post-secondary student at both Carleton and Dalhousie universities, Alex majored in English and minored in Law. In her downtime she is passionate about writing and had a syndicated column published in over 500,000 Nova Scotia newspapers for several years.

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